Admin Controls and Team Features

Admin Controls

Superhuman’s Admin Controls allow you to manage your team quickly and easily.

View Your Team

View the members of your Superhuman team by hitting Cmd+K / Ctrl+K → View Team Members, or by clicking the Your Team icon in the bottom right corner and then selecting “View Team Members.

This list will show current members on your Superhuman team and their account role:

  • Admin — can add/remove team members, change roles of team members, and change/view billing settings.
  • Member — can add other members to the team.

Manage Your Team

Admins have the ability to manage their team’s subscription and remove team members. You can hit Cmd+K / Ctrl+K → Manage Team to log-in to your Admin Portal.

Change a Role / Remove a Team Member:

  • Select the Team tab within the page
  • Click on the drop down menu to the right of the team member
  • Select the role or remove the member

Update Billing

Information on your billing can be found under the Billing tab. Here you can view the total number of paid seats, price per seat, invoice total and billing cycle. You can also update your Payment Method.

Team Features

Creating a team on Superhuman unlocks powerful Team Features to help you and your colleagues move faster than ever before.

Team Snippets

Share Snippets with others on your Superhuman team to streamline workflows and unify your tone and language!

You can learn more on Snippets and how to share with your team by viewing our Snippets article.

Team Read Statuses and Team Reply Indicators

Read Statuses allow you to know when and how people read your emails.

Team Read Statuses share this notification across members included on a conversation!

Let’s say a teammate sends an email to a lead and CCs you. Even though you weren't the sender, you can still see when the lead has read that email!

Team Reply Indicators enable you to see when your teammates are writing a reply or scheduled a send. This helps teams prevent reply collisions and duplications of effort.

View our Read Statuses and Team Reply Indicators article to learn more on how you can enable them on your devices.

Team Scheduling

Instantly see when your team is free and schedule meetings right from Superhuman by placing your colleague into the ‘Who’ field of a drafted calendar event. Their schedule will appear to the right of your own for seamless viewing.

Give it a try ⚡

  1. Hit B to create a calendar event draft
  2. Place a colleague, with the same domain, into the ‘Who’ field

Salesforce / Hubspot Integration

See contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities right within your inbox by integrating your Salesforce or Hubspot account.


Can I change my settings so that a colleague's calendar is always visible, instead of adding them every time?

We strive for a clean calendar view to eliminate distractions and clutter and haven’t built a way to consistently view a colleague’s calendar yet.

You can add individuals onto a calendar draft to view their availably, or hit Enter when contacts are suggested to add them to the event!

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