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Superhuman’s Shared Conversations and Team Comments allow you to efficiently collaborate with your team. Quickly share all the context and background with teammates when asking them for input on a conversation, eliminating the need to forward, bcc, or context switch to another app. Teammates can respond directly in the thread to streamline communication in one place. You can even give access to emails and conversations to teammates who aren’t Superhuman users yet!⚡

Key Features:

  • Write a comment to share a conversation with your teammates, no need to go over to your chat tool to talk about email. Keep the conversation all in one place!
  • Collaborate with other users on your Superhuman team, as well as non-Superhuman user teammates, by @mentioning someone or sharing a conversation directly with them.
  • Copy and share a link to the conversation instead of a screenshot to help direct your team to collaborate in Superhuman.

Team Comments

Write a comment to start sharing the full context of a conversation, and even @mention a teammate to get their attention!

How to add a comment:


  • Hit M to comment or Cmd+Shift+M (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+M (Windows) when focused in Compose.
  • Hit the comments bar at the bottom of the conversation, then hit Cmd+Enter or Ctrl+Enter to send the comment.


Tap the comment icon in the triage bar:

Shared Conversations

Share a conversation to give folks visibility to all the messages you see in the conversation.

How to share a conversation


  • From your inbox:
    • Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Share Conversation with Teammates.

  • From the message list:
    • Add a comment to start sharing instantly!
    • Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Share Conversation with Teammates.
    • Hit Cmd+S or Ctrl+S to pull up the Share modal:

      From there, hit Cmd+S or Ctrl+S again to copy the share link:

      Or hit the Share button in the Share modal:


  • From the inbox:
    • Two-finger tap on a message, select Share Conversation with Teammates in the modal that appears
  • From the message list:
    • Pull down from the top of the message or two-finger tap, select Share Conversation in the modal that appears

View the Publisher and participants

View the Publisher and sharing participants by hovering over the avatar stack to the right of the subject line:

Click on the avatar stack to pull up the Share modal, where you’ll also be able to view the Publisher, participants, and add participants:

How to stop sharing a conversation


  • Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Stop Sharing Conversation

  • Hit the Stop Sharing button in the Share modal:


  • Pull down from the top of the message or two-finger tap, select Stop Sharing Conversation in the modal that appears.

Collaborating with Non-Superhuman User Teammates

You can now share a conversation by @mentioning anyone — even if they’re not on your Superhuman team yet 🙌

Non-Superhuman users will be included as guest participants and have the ability to view all past and future messages, as well as comments, in a Shared Conversation.

When a non-Superhuman user is @mentioned in a conversation, they’ll receive an email notification asking them to collaborate including a link to view and comment on the thread in a browser-based experience!

To add a comment, they’ll need to go through a quick Google or Microsoft OAuth login flow to verify the account they’re commenting with.

Each time a new comment or message is added to the conversation, a guest collaborator will receive an email notification:

FAQs 💡

Who can share a conversation?

  • Anyone on a Superhuman team can share a conversation. Whoever starts sharing the conversation will be the Publisher, and their version of the thread will be shared.

What is included in the Publisher’s view of a Shared Conversation?

  • All past and future messages and comments the Publisher has in their version of the thread will be shared.

  • Any subthreads in the Publisher’s view will be visible to all participants.

    A subthread is a reply that spawns off a message from the original thread (i.e. if the Publisher replies and excludes certain recipients).

  • Subthreads where the Publisher is not a recipient will not be included (e.g. if a recipient has a message only between them and an external recipient, it will not be shown).

Who can view a Shared Conversation and add comments?

  • Once a comment is added or a conversation is shared, Superhuman teammates who are recipients of the messages or added as participants will see the shared conversation. They can reply directly to the messages in the thread and add comments.

  • You’ll be able to view all the participants in the avatar stack button to the right of the subject line.

  • Non-Superhuman users who receive the Shared Conversation link or are added as a participant will be able to view and comment in the thread in a browser-based experience.

  • Non-Superhuman users will need to provide their email address through a quick OAuth login flow to add comments as a guest.
    • It’s worth noting, guest comments are only supported for Google-hosted and Microsoft-hosted email accounts.

Who can you @mention in a comment?

  • You can @mention any teammates on your Superhuman team or any email address!

  • When a non-Superhuman teammate is @mentioned in a comment, they’ll receive an email letting them know, which will include a link to view the conversation and collaborate in a browser-based experience.

Can guest collaborators reply to or forward a message in the browser-based experience?

  • No, guest collaborators can only view the conversation and add comments.

How do I know if a conversation is shared?

  • Shared conversations will have a share indicator in the thread list:

  • In the message list, you’ll see the avatar stack to the right of the subject:

  • You'll also see a Sharing started timestamp in the message list:

Can non-Superhuman users see who the conversation is shared with?

  • Yes, they’ll be able to see view the participants when they attempt to post a comment.

Can I remove participants?

  • There isn’t a way to remove participants quite yet, but this is a feature enhancement we’re looking to add.
  • In the meantime, folks can hit Shift+M to mute the conversation, or the Publisher can stop sharing the conversation if they don’t want participates to get updates.
    • It's worth noting, Superhuman for Outlook and our Android app doesn't have the ability to mute conversations at the moment.

Can comments be edited or deleted?

  • While there isn’t a way to edit comments quite yet, you can delete a comment by hitting the Trash icon.
  • You can only delete your own comments. Once deleted, comments will no longer appear for yourself or your teammates.

Once sharing has stopped, can it be reshared?

  • Yes, a conversation can be re-shared, but only by the Publisher.
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