Offline Access

Superhuman still works even if you don’t have an internet connection. Triage your inbox, reply to emails, and work just as you normally would. When you return online, your offline work synchronizes across your devices! 🎉

Superhuman caches any message you’ve opened, searched for, or received in the last 30 day. Up to 1250 emails from each Split are also stored and attachments are automatically downloaded, so you can review them on the go!


Will a scheduled email send if I am offline?

  • If you scheduled an email to send before going offline, the email will send scheduled time.
  • If you sent or scheduled an email to send while offline, the email will send once you have internet access.

How do I know my emails are synching when I have internet access again?

  • You will see a notification stating ‘Connecting…’ at the bottom righthand corner of Superhuman once
  • A progress number appears detailing the number of emails synching to the device
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