Dealing with Unwanted Emails

Spam and junk mail clogs your inbox and lowers your focus. With Superhuman, you can unsubscribe in an instant!

To unsubscribe, just hit Cmd+U / Ctrl+U. On mobile, simply swipe down and tap Unsubscribe.

You can mark all related messages as done or trash them at the same time and remove them from your inbox.

For emails that do not have an unsubscribe link, you can Block them instead! You can Block the sender or domain from landing into your inbox as well as trash all the messages from that address!


Does Superhuman automatically Unsubscribe for me?

Yes and no. Superhuman takes one of three actions will you use the unsubscribe feature:

    1. It sends an email to the source to unsubscribe for you.
    2. It sends and email to the source to unsubscribe for you and pulls forward a company page.
    3. It directs you to the unsubscribe page of the company.

      Generally, Superhuman can unsubscribe for unless a company has a particular Unsubscribe page.

If I Block a sender or domain, can I Unblock them?

Yes! You can view the list of Blocked senders by hitting Cmd+K / Ctrl+K → Block Senders. You can Unblock an address simply by clicking Unblock.

Do you suggest marking emails as Junk rather than Unsubscribe or Block?

Junk and Block have results, but slightly different purposes.

Marking an email as Junk moves it to your Junk folder, but you aren't automatically blocking the sender. This should reroute any future emails from that sender to your Spam folder, but you may still receive some emails from the same domain in the future. Marking Junk helps train the system to identify similar types of emails and improve your inbox performance.

Blocking may be a better option when you want to stop receiving messages from an unwanted sender. These emails may not typically be spam/junk. Marking them as Junk would confuse the junk filter capturing unintended emails into the Junk folder. Blocking allows you to stop receiving those messages without confusing the Junk filter.

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