Muting Conversations

Some email conversations get noisy, which can lead to distractions. But you still need to receive updates or refer to the email chain later. In these cases, hitting unsubscribe or marking spam is not an option. 

Luckily, Superhuman allows you to mute conversations!

To do so, hit Cmd+K  (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Mute or hit Shift+M on a message.

If you decide to mute a conversation, it will move out of your inbox and into your Mute folder. You can access this folder any time by hitting G, then M.

If you need to unmute a conversation, you can simply hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Mute or Shift+M again.

For now, there isn’t a way to mute threads for Outlook accounts, but we hope to include this feature in the future.

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