Composing and Replying

Now that you've set up your inbox, it's time to start emailing.

To compose a new message, hit Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Compose. To use the Superhuman shortcut, simply hit C.

✍️ Quickly compose messages without leaving typing position! Here’s how:

  1. Hit C
  2. Enter the recipients' names
  3. Hit Tab to edit the subject line
  4. Hit Tab again to edit the body and begin composing your message

When viewing a conversation, hit Enter to reply all, hit R to reply to the original sender, or hit F to forward the message.

To reply to or forward an earlier message in a conversation, hit P to navigate to a previous message or N to move down to the next. You can see which message is selected as indicated by the purple highlight.

Once you've selected the message you want to reply to or forward, hit Enter to Reply All, hit R to reply to the original sender or hit F to forward.

When you're ready, hit Cmd+Enter (Mac) or Ctrl+Enter (Windows) to send your message!

Need to change something but you've already hit send? Hit Z within 10 seconds to undo your send and make your edits ↩️

✨ Power user tip — use Snippets to compose and reply even faster! Find examples of powerful Snippets in this blog post and learn how to set them up with this quick tutorial.

Next, you'll learn how to maintain a blazingly fast email workflow, even while on the go.

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