Updating Payment Details

Things change, we get it! In the event you have a new card or just want to switch which one you’re using for your subscription, you can quickly do so in Superhuman.

On Desktop

You can update your payment details from the Desktop app by hitting Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Update Payment Details.

On Mobile

If you’re on a mobile device and need to update your payment details, you can go to your browser and log into superhuman.com/admin.

How to update payment details for someone else

If you’re an EA, a finance admin, or someone else that’s responsible for updating an employer or employee’s payment details, you’ll need their login credentials to do so. Once you have that, you can sign into superhuman.com/admin to update their payment method 🙌

In the event you don’t have their login information but you do have permission to change payment details, reach out to hello@superhuman.com and we’ll send you a unique link to do so! From there, click on Get Superhuman to put in the new credit card details.

Add billing address or tax information to invoices

As of now, there isn’t a way for you to add this sort of information from your billing page. We’d be happy to add it for you though! Shoot us an email to hello@superhuman.com.

It’s worth noting, once an invoice has been finalized by our payment processor, we’re no longer able to edit it. Your updated billing information will show on all future invoices 🧾✨


Can’t access the billing page

Occasionally, you may be locked out of Superhuman or the billing page. This is often due to several unpaid invoices or payment information that’s no longer valid.

If you can’t access the billing page, don’t worry! Shoot a quick email over to hello@superhuman.com, and we’ll be glad to send you a unique link to update your payment details. From there, click on Get Superhuman to put in your new credit card information.

Once the new info is in and your invoices are paid, you’ll be able to access the app and billing page like before 😊

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