Contact Pane

To help you be brilliant when working with others, Superhuman shows you information about who you’re emailing in the right sidebar.

How to update the Contact Pane

You can update the information for your email addresses by going to

Contact Pane/Sidebar information

The information in the Contact Pane is separated into two categories: "human" or "company”. Superhuman decides this based on the email address itself — if the address uses the words "no-reply", Superhuman considers it a company and not an individual. For "company" email addresses, Superhuman doesn’t provide data in the contact pane.

For "human" email addresses, Superhuman pulls together data from the following sources:

  • Profile data primarily comes from Clearbit.
    • Clearbit returns publicly available social information about an email address, such as a person's LinkedIn profile, job title, and industry.
  • Superhuman combines Clearbit data with data obtained directly from LinkedIn and AngelList.
  • Profile images can come from any of the above profiles or from Gravatar —  the first avatar found is used.

What the Contact Pane can show

A profile in the Contact Pane can include the following information:

  • The person's first and last name
  • A picture of the person
  • Their email address
  • The city or region where they work
  • A short work bio
  • Links to the five most recent emails with this person
  • Links to the person's personal or company site
  • Links to their social media profiles

Refer Button

If the person isn’t using Superhuman yet and they have a Google or Microsoft-hosted email, their Contact Pane may show a Refer button.  You can click this button to send them a referral, and if they use it to sign up, you’ll both get a month free! 💜

Invite to Team Button

If the person is on the same domain as you, whether they’re using Superhuman or not, you’ll see an Invite to Team button:

You can click this to add them to your billing account. If they’re not on Superhuman yet, we’ll help them get on board!

Superhuman Icon below a person’s picture 

If a person is using Superhuman, the Contact Pane will show a Superhuman badge in the bottom right corner of the person's profile picture. Mousing over that badge shows the month and year the person started using Superhuman 📅

Where to find the Contact Pane


The Contact Pane is in the app's right-hand sidebar. It appears in the following cases: 

  • When an email is selected in your inbox 
  • When you add an address to an email's To/Cc/Bcc fields
  • When you mouse over someone's name or address in an email's header


On Mobile, you can find the contact pane like so:

  1. Open a conversation.
  2. Tap the area near the top of the screen, where a person's name, email address, and profile picture appear above the subject:

  3. Once the contact pane is open, swipe left or right to see the profiles for other people in a conversation:

Updating someone else’s contact pane

There isn’t a way to edit the Contact Pane for a colleague’s email address as of yet. If you notice incorrect information being pulled in for anyone you know, please reach out to with the necessary corrections.

What else can I do from the Contact Pane?

Beyond giving you helpful context about people, the Contact Pane lets you do several other things:

  • Click a person's name to search for other emails from them:

  • Mouse over a person's name and click the button that appears to copy it:

  • Click a person's email address to draft a new email to them:

  • Mouse over a person's email address and click the button that appears to copy it:

  • If a person's bio line includes an @-mention, click it to open the corresponding page on Twitter or AngelList.
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