Focus and Prioritization

Splits promote greater focus in your inbox by creating intentional sections that allow you to prioritize your emails and tasks. These focused sections are helpful for efficiently batch processing similar types of emails. 

Think of a split as a division of your inbox, capturing specific messages. These smaller, manageable sections allow you to quickly set different priorities for your emails. A Github or Google Docs split can be helpful when you want to dedicate your attention to the work and comments of others, while a VIP split can be helpful for staying responsive to key stakeholders. 

Split names appear at the top of your inbox alongside the total number of emails (read and unread) in that split. You can navigate between them by hitting Tab to move right and Shift+Tab to move left. 

Because splits are meant to promote focus, you should reserve them for intentional workflows or priorities. Two to five splits can be helpful in creating structure and prioritization; more than five splits may detract from your productivity as you constantly cycle through them looking for messages.

Next, learn how to put splits to work for you.

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