Setting up Split Inbox

In the previous article, you learned that splits promote greater focus in your inbox and help with batch processing similar types of emails. You'll now learn how to activate common splits and create custom splits of your own!

Managing Splits

Hit Cmd+K (Mac) / Ctrl+K (Windows) → Split Inbox Settings to view the full list of active and inactive splits. From there, activate a split by clicking on the checkbox to the right side of the split name. 

You can reorder splits by dragging and dropping the three lines to the right of the split name.

Superhuman offers the following default splits:

Important : Other — Focus on what's most important. The Important split contains person-to-person and high priority messages. The Other split contains automated messages and emails sent to mailing lists.

VIP — Prioritize emails from your most important contacts. Emails from VIPs are captured in this split so you can be ultra-responsive. You'll also see VIP emails in your primary inbox.

Team — Be responsive to your team. The Team split contains emails from your domain, helping you be a responsible manager or teammate. You'll also see Team emails in your primary inbox.

Calendar — Never miss an invitation again. Batch process your calendar invitations and calendar updates in one organized space. 

News — Read your newsletters when it's most convenient and stay up-to-date on your industry. 

Adding to a Split

You can add emails to existing splits to support your organizational structures (e.g. adding a stakeholder to the VIP split or a new subscription to the News split).

⚡ Try it now!

  1. Select the email you’d like to add to a split
  2. Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Add to Split Inbox
  3. Choose whether you’d like to add the sender, domain, recipient, subject, or label to the split
  4. Select the split you’re adding to

Creating a Custom Split

You can create new splits to further customize your inbox and provide deeper focus. You can create a new split following these steps:

  1. Select the email from which you'd like create a new split.
  2. Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+KNew Split Inbox
  3. Choose whether you'd like to use the sender, domain, recipient, subject, or label for the split.
  4. Enter a name for your split.

Splits are a versatile organizational tool to help drive priority within your inbox. By creating intentional splits, you can boost your efficiency at email processing without context switching.

In the next article, we'll dive into the shortcuts that make composing and replying to messages a breeze.

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