Shortcuts and Cmd+K

In the previous article, you learned how Superhuman’s minimal interface helps with focus. You’ll now learn what makes Superhuman the fastest email experience ever made!

A key difference between Superhuman and other email clients is the built-in keyboard shortcuts. Using shortcuts allows you to perform tasks quickly without requiring you to move your hands away from the keyboard to use the mouse or trackpad.

The primary shortcut to remember in Superhuman is Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) —  this will pull the Superhuman Command forward.

Think of Cmd+K or Ctrl+K as your go-to menu for everything in Superhuman. The Superhuman command line recognizes natural language and can be used to complete any action in Superhuman, such as composing, setting reminders, and searching. You can even use the command line to request help from our team or handle billing. Rather than clicking through confusing menus, you have every setting and feature immediately at your fingertips.

When using Cmd+K or Ctrl+K, type your desired action into the command line. As you type, pay close attention to the letter that appears on the right side of the menu. This letter indicates the keyboard shortcut for that particular action.

Once you’ve learned a shortcut, there’s no need to hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K again. You can simply hit the shortcut from anywhere in the inbox to take your desired action immediately!

Shortcut tips:

  • Hover your mouse over any icon in Superhuman to learn a shortcut
  • Once you’ve taken your desired action with the mouse, we’ll nudge you to go even faster with the keyboard shortcut next time
  • Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Quick Tips to bookmark the shortcut bar below
  • Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Shortcuts to view a complete list of Superhuman shortcuts

⚡ Try it now!

Hit C on your keyboard to compose a new message. Then, hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Discard Draft. Look on the right side of the menu to find the keyboard shortcut for next time.

Up next, you'll learn a new approach to email to keep you more focused than ever.

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