Inbox Zero Philosophy

Hitting and maintaining Inbox Zero is the most efficient way to bring clarity to a chaotic inbox and reduce your cognitive load while emailing. 

Inbox Zero is the product of a strong workflow that allows you to clear your inbox every day. Instead of marking messages unread to keep track of your to-dos, finish the day as seen above, with a beautiful Inbox Zero image signaling you accomplished everything on your list for the day.

When you maintain Inbox Zero, you can quickly see and process new and actionable emails without distractions. This allows you to focus on more meaningful tasks, ultimately boosting your efficiency and productivity.

The great news? Superhuman is built to get you to Inbox Zero. In the next article, you'll be introduced to a quick and easy workflow to triage your inbox and ensure you end every day feeling happier and more productive! Bonus: Learn more about Inbox Zero on our blog.

In the next article, you'll learn a new workflow that will help you fly through your inbox twice as fast as before.

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