Superhuman AI

Imagine an inbox that automatically summarizes every email, drafts your replies, and powers your writing.

Superhuman AI helps you take action on your inbox faster than ever before! 🚀

Activating Superhuman AI

When you first onboard Superhuman, you have the option to activate Superhuman AI. If you haven’t already activated, you can do so manually in each of your accounts.

To activate Superhuman AI manually, you can hit Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Activate Superhuman AI.

AI Compose

Once Superhuman AI is activated, you can hit Cmd+J / Ctrl+J in an open draft to activate AI Compose.

Drafting Mode

You can draft a message by typing your prompt and hitting Enter. The more context and keywords you include, the more specific the drafted message will be.

You can accept the message to make small edits or make larger edits within Editing Mode.

Editing Mode

You can access Editing Mode in two ways:

  • Directly after a message has been crafted in Drafting Mode
  • Highlighting existing text and hitting Cmd+J / Ctrl+J

In Editing Mode, you can select a suggestion (Improve writing, Shorten, Lengthen, Simplify, etc.) for a quick change to the draft, or type in a more specific editing prompt for a larger change. You can even type 'translate to Spanish' to have the entire draft rewritten to Spanish or any other language!

AI Compose on Mobile

On iOS (coming soon for Android), you can use AI Compose by tapping on the AI icon above your keyboard.

⭐ Hot tip: Instead of writing your prompt, utilize Voice Dictation by tapping the Microphone icon at the bottom right corner of the keyboard!


Auto-Summary allows you to gather context of a conversation within seconds!

To activate Auto-Summary, hit M within an open conversation.

You will find a 1-line summary underneath the subject line. For a more detailed summary, just hit M to expand.

This feature is desktop only at the moment and is coming soon to iOS and Android!

Instant Reply

Wake up to an inbox where emails already have a draft reply with Instant Reply.

We show three draft replies at the bottom of the latest message. You can hit Tab to cycle and preview each response.

To insert the reply, hit Enter (Reply All), R (Reply) or F (Forward).

This feature is desktop only at the moment.


Who is Superhuman working with to provide AI features and what model are you using?

Our AI features are powered by mixture of models from OpenAI.

Does Superhuman store or train on any data?

Superhuman stores AI replies (but not prompts you send in or original the email content) for 90 days. OpenAI does not store or train on any data. We uphold a formal Zero Day Retention agreement with OpenAI, which is line with their API policies:

Why doesn’t ‘Rewrite in my own voice’ sound like me?

Upon enabling Superhuman AI we analyze your recent emails to generate a style guide. That style guide gets fed into our "Write a draft" and "Rewrite in my voice" prompts.

Why am I not seeing an Auto-Summary on some of my conversations?

Certain types of emails do not receive an Auto-Summary. Those emails include:

  • Emails not in your inbox (social/etc)
  • Emails with a Smart Link (such as View Pull Request, Unsubscribe)
  • Very long emails (the limit is approximately >20,000 words or 80 pages of text)
  • Emails from SendGrid (these often are transactional emails like password resets).

Any email is eligible for a manual summary by just hitting M!

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