Read Statuses

Read Statuses is  a power user feature that shows you when and with which device recipients open your messages. In Superhuman, you can turn Read Statuses on with Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Enable Read Statuses. From that point on, all messages you send from Superhuman will show Read Statuses. 


You can find read receipts in two places after you open a conversation:

  1. Mouse over the checkmarks to the right of an email's header

  1. Look under the bottom right corner of the conversation's last message

Track all recipients' engagement with your message to gain insight into who has opened it, when, and whether they did so via desktop or mobile. This valuable information can guide your next steps regarding how and when you follow up.


In our mobile app, you can find read receipts under the bottom right corner of a message:

Tap the read receipt to see additional details about when the message was read.

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