Shortcuts for International Keyboards

Superhuman supports US QWERTY keyboards for now, but we're planning on building native support for international keyboards in the future. Let the team know if you'd like to see this, and we'll reach back out to you once that's ready!

For now, there are a few shortcut alternatives you'll want to use for popular commands.

AZERTY keyboards (French, Belgian)

  • Shift+7 for / (search)
  • Shift+Option+3 for # (trash)
  • Cmd+Shift+; for Cmd+Shift+, (discard draft)
  • [ for - (previous day on calendar)
  • ] for = (next day on calendar)
  • Cmd+Shift+[ for Cmd+Shift+- (previous date when in compose)
  • Cmd+Shift+] for Cmd+Shift+= (next date when in compose)
  • / for ? (shortcuts)
  • Cmd+ė for Cmd+; (use snippet)
  • # for Tab (next item)
  • = for 0 (open calendar)
  • Cmd+$ for Cmd+] (Indent)

QWERTY Keyboard (Swedish)

  • Cmd+Ö for Cmd+; (snippets)
  • Shift+7 for / (search)
  • Cmd+Shift+?/+ for Cmd+Shift+= (moving forward in the calendar)

QWERTY Keyboard (Norwegian)

  • Cmd+Ø for Cmd+; (snippets)
  • + for = (Move forward in calendar)

QWERTY keyboard (Danish)

  • * for / (search)

QWERTZ keyboard (German, Czech)

  • Shift+7 for / (search)
  • Ctrl+Tab for Cmd+Shift+] (next tab)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab (previous tab)
  • Shift+3 for # (trash)
  • Cmd+Ö for Cmd+; (snippets)
  • Cmd+Ü also works for Cmd+;

QWERTY Keyboard (UK)

  • Trash emails: Alt+3

QWERTY Keyboard (Spanish)

Changing days/dates in compose:

  • Cmd+Shift+¡ for Cmd+Shift+= (advance day)
  • Cmd+Shift+- (go backwards a day)
  • + for moving calendar forward in days
  • Cmd+ñ for Cmd+; (or Ctrl+' on Windows) (snippets)

QWERTY Keyboard (Italian)

  • Cmd+ò for Cmd+; (snippets)
  • Shift+£ for Shift+# (trash)
  • Shift+7 for / (search)
  • _ for ? (shortcuts)
  • + for = (move forward in calendar)

QWERTY Keyboard (Estonian)

  • Cmd+Ö for Cmd+; (snippets)
  • Cmd+Shift+ next day on calendar

QWERTY Keyboard (Portuguese)

  • Cmd+Shift+ for Cmd+Shift+= (next day on calendar)
    • or Cmd+Shift+- for Cmd+Shift+= (previous day in calendar)
  • Cmd+ç for Cmd+; (snippets)

QWERTY Keyboard (Turkish)

  • Cmd+Ş for Cmd+; (snippets)

QWERTY Keyboard (Russian)

  • ? (Shift+7) for / (search)

Colemak keyboard

  • to reply to a message
  • N to go down to the next message
  • K to go up to the prior message
  • Cmd+P to use a snippet
  • D to star a message
  • l to add a label
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