Add Accounts and Calendars

In the previous article, you learned how to get set up on your mobile device. Now, you’ll learn how to manage your work and personal life efficiently by adding all your accounts and calendars to Superhuman.

Adding Accounts

Hit Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Add Accounts to sign in to an additional Google or Outlook based account. You will need to do this for each device. 

Superhuman subscriptions are billed per user, allowing you to add multiple accounts! 

Adding Calendars

To add calendars, hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K Calendar Settings. In the bottom right hand corner, click Sign in with Google or with Microsoft to add calendars from other accounts.

To keep things streamlined by using a calendar that works across all your accounts, just follow these simple steps for each.

Up next, you'll learn some additional power features to continue customizing your Superhuman experience.

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