Snippets let you create saved emails that you send all the time! Hit Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Snippets to see all of the commands available for snippets.

If you're looking for examples of powerful, time-saving email Snippets, check out this blog post. To learn how to create those Snippets, keep reading!

Creating and Using Snippets

There are a few ways to make new snippets:

  1. Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Create Snippet will make a blank snippet from anywhere.
  2. Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Create snippet from draft make a snippet from a message you're drafting.
  3. Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Create snippet from message will make a snippet from a message you're reading.

Once you have snippets created and saved, you can hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Use Snippet (or Cmd/Ctrl+;) to open and use a snippet directly from your inbox. You can also view, edit, and delete snippets by hitting Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → go to Snippets (or G → ;).

In an email draft, simply hit ; and begin typing the name of your snippet to insert the saved text into your current cursor location.

Variables in Snippets

You can use variables within your Snippets to have certain information (like a person's first name) automatically filled-in when you insert your Snippet into a draft.

You can also add placeholders by putting any word in curly brackets. Superhuman will warn you to fill those in before sending your message! 

For example, if you create a Snippet such as; "Thank you so much for telling me about {your_company}! Unfortunately, this is not a good fit because {decline_reason}." Superhuman will show you a warning message if you hit Send without replacing that phrase in your email drafts.

The built-in variables will appear on the right after you hit Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Create Snippet:

Using Snippets to email several people

You can also use Snippets to email groups of people like so:

  1. Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → Go to Snippets.
  2. Hit C to create a new snippet.
  3. Add a name to the "Enter description" field.
  4. Click "Add To, Cc, BCC, Subject…".
  5. Add everyone in the group to the snippet's "to" field.
  6. Hit Cmd/Ctrl+Enter to save the snippet.
  7. While drafting an email, hit Cmd/Ctrl+; → {snippet_name} to use the snippet.

Sharing Snippets with your Team

You can also share Snippets with others on your Superhuman team. To share a Snippet with your team:

  1. Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K → go to Snippets.
  2. To create a new Team Snippet, hit C 
  3. To share an existing Snippet with your team, open the Snippet you want to share, hit Edit, then toggle Share with Team
  4. Hit Done to finalize Snippet sharing 

To use a Team Snippet, hit ; in an email draft. You can search by Snippet author or title inline. 

Team Snippets will be shared with your entire team on Superhuman. Only the creator of a Team Snippet can edit or delete a Team Snippet. 

Snippets on Mobile

On iOS (coming soon for Android), you can use Team & Private Snippets in emails seamlessly. Just tap the { } Snippet icon when composing an email. 

At the moment, you can only create new Snippets on Desktop.

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