Receipts and Invoices

Diligently file away your finances? Need to submit receipts to an accounting team? Or just want to keep track of your payments? If you have an individual subscription or are the admin of a team account, Superhuman gives you easy access to your receipts!

View and download receipts on Desktop

You can view your receipts and invoices by hitting Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) → Billing from the app. You can also log into

That'll take you to the billing page where you can also download your receipts and invoices 📥

View and download receipts on Mobile

To view and download your receipts and invoices on the Mobile app, you'll want to log into in your device's browser.

How can I automatically receive receipts in my inbox? 

We don't have a way to automatically email receipts right now, but we can offer a workaround to email monthly invoices straight to your inbox!

With this option, there are a couple of things to note:

  • Instead of being automatically charged each month, you'll need to manually pay your invoice within 30 days.
  • Invoices can CC a teammate, your Finance/Accounting team, your admin, etc. — they'll even be able to pay the invoice directly!

If that's of interest to you, just shoot an email to We'll be glad to switch your subscription over to manual billing ✨

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