With Grammarly support in Superhuman, you can write and send emails faster than ever before. No more spending hours proofreading that important report or email ✨

How do I download Grammarly? 

Superhuman only supports the Grammarly desktop app and mobile app.

Note: This is separate from the "Grammarly Editor" app and the Grammarly Chrome extension. 


Download the Grammarly desktop app here by clicking the green Get Grammarly button.


You can download the Grammarly app in the App Store for iOS, or by visiting this page.

Once installed, follow the steps provided in the app. You'll need to add the Grammarly Keyboard in order for it to appear in Superhuman. Here's how:

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Tap on Grammarly
  3. Tap on Keyboards
  4. Toggle on Grammarly
  5. Toggle on Allow Full Access

When composing a message in the Superhuman app, you can press and hold the globe icon in the bottom left corner to prompt a keyboard menu. Choose Grammarly and you'll notice the green Grammarly icon appears when composing a message in Superhuman! ✨

FAQs 💡

Grammarly isn't working

Currently, the Grammarly Chrome extension will override the Grammarly desktop app. This means that if you have both installed, you'll want to toggle off the Grammarly Chrome extension when using Superhuman to allow the Grammarly desktop app to work:


Once that's disabled, you'll notice the Grammarly icon appear when composing a message:

Grammarly on Mac Permissions

You may need to grant the Grammarly app permissions in your Mac's Security & Privacy settings under "Accessibility".

Then you can sign in to your Grammarly account through the app! ✨

Why can't I use the Grammarly Chrome extension?

We unfortunately noticed a significant decrease in performance with the Grammarly Chrome extension enabled. 

We prioritized enabling the Grammarly desktop app instead since there was no change in performance in Superhuman when downloaded.

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